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In this picture, you can clearly see all the components involved in a complete roofing project. We have the fascia which is the exterior white panels that are facing the outside, the soffit which is underneath the roof facing the ground. Check out the page about downspouts and eavestroughs to learn about the other vital component to a complete roof. We offer a wide variety of color and styles Рall of which pass our benchmark for excellence. We carry only top end products guaranteed to last. We will gladly sit down with you and offer our advice regarding your home renovations! In fact, we are so sure our prices will beat the competition РCall us today and compare your options!

We specialize in roofing which includes soffit, fascia and eavestroughs. Why is it important to get a knowledgeable opinion regarding your house’s fascia and eaves? The simplest answers is because these systems protect your roof from weather. In Winnipeg and surrounding areas of Manitoba, we experience such a wide variety of weather that it’s vital your house maintains it’s protection year round.