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547 Renovations hereby declares that all labour associated with the application of your roof system will be free from defects that result in leakage for a period of ten (10) years following the date of completion. This guarantee is warranted to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

Any leaks that are deemed the result of faulty installation by 547 Renovations will be repaired at no charge to the homeowner. 547 Renovations must receive notice in writing upon discovery of defects in workmanship. 547 Renovations will remedy defects within sixty (60) days of notification by the homeowner.


547 Renovations does not warrant against any damage or defect caused by acts of God, including, but not limited to, hail, high winds, foundation shifts, lightning, or other actions beyond the control of 547 Renovations.  547 Renovations does not warrant against ice dam or leaking caused by improper insulation and failure to properly remove snow in the winter months. Failure of materials not disapproved by the owner that results in leakage, or leakage caused by the failure of materials not replaced at the time of installation, are not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not cover leaks caused by modifications to the roof system or home after installation of the new roof is completed. 547 Renovations is liable for roof repairs only.  547 Renovations will charge a service call fee for any non-warranty related inspections. This warranty shall not become effective unless and until 547 Renovations has been paid in full in accordance with the agreement pursuant to which roof was applied. Payment and warranty registration must be received within 14 days from the completion date for warranty to be honoured.