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During the winter months, it is extremely important to have the snow cleared from your roof, as excessive snow build up can cause structural damage, damage to existing shingles and eaves-troughs, leaking, and even ice damming. Ice damming occurs when snow on the roof melts and freezes over unheated areas, such as edges of the roof, eaves, and attached porches and garages. Primary factors which increase the amount of ice damming are large amounts of snow on roofs, slightly above or below freezing exterior temperatures, insufficient insulation, inadequate ventilation, poor sealing or no vapor barrier, and lower sloped roofs.  Frost or condensation can occur in the attic which can cause leaking into the home in the warmer temperatures when melting occurs.

The Importance Of Roof Top Snow Removal

Water leakage occurs when the snow above the ice dam melts or it rains, but the ice below prevents proper drainage, creating a back-up of water. Water works its way back under the shingles, as it has no place to properly drain, in turn, leaking into the eaves, or worse, into the wall cavities or the interior of the house. Frequently clearing the snow off your roof, or contacting a qualified person to do this for you will alleviate these problems. Damages and leaking due to excessive snow on your roof, or ice damming problems are NOT warranted under your roofing contract, as they are the responsibility of the homeowner and are not correspondent to the workmanship of the roof, or the roofing materials used.  547 offers roof-top snow removal services. For steep roofs, we remove the bottom 3 feet of snow from the roof for safety reasons.  Roof-top snow removal does not include shoveling walkways/driveways or pathways.  This service also does not include removing the roof-top snow away from the sides of your home.  Additional charges will be charged if these services are requested.

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